June 26, 2016


I just got back from my first solo trip to Prague and it was awesome I cannot wait to go back. I knew when I moved to England I wanted to do at least one solo trip because I am a grown up and shouldn't feel scared to travel alone. After finding a great deal on a flight and doing some research on good places to travel as a solo female traveler I picked Prague and was off. 

I stayed at Sophie's Hostel and had an amazing stay. I have only stayed in 2.5 hostels (you can read about the .5 hostel HERE) and Sophie's was by far the best. The staff was super friendly, and it had a boutique hotel feel to it. Also it was super affordable. I was in a 5 bed Women's only room, which had 5 individual beds, our own full kitchen, and private bathroom. I have stayed in hostels before, where I stayed in a mixed room and they were perfectly fine but because I was traveling alone I felt more comfortable staying in a women's only room. All the girls that I was with were lovely and I even made two friends from Brazil!

I spent my days just walking, I had a general idea of where I wanted to go and I had booked a half day trip to Konopiste Castle for one day. I went to the ballet one evening and drank lots of beer (which is cheaper than a coke) and ate delicious pastries and chocolate. In total I walked about 30 miles during my trip. I would recommend doing any of the free walking tours as they cover a lot of history, I am just someone who likes to wander and window shop so I decided to do my own tour. My suggestions for going to Prague are as follows:
  • Commit a full day to Prague Castle and take your time to explore it. Your ticket will actually allow you access for 2 days in a row. 
  • Don't feel like you HAVE to pay for the sites at Prague Castle. I got circuit ticket B and after doing the things that were offered I could have done with out it. It is free to enter the area that is "Prague Castle"
  • Commit to walking to the top and visit the Strahov Monastery and their Brewery, get a meal at the restaurant there and partake in the best view in the entire city. 
  • eat street food it is delicious! 
  • Drink the beer because it is cheap and also delicious 
  • Take a tram or the metro and see some of the areas outside of Prague. Prague's public transportation is great and very cheap. 
  • Go to the theater, there is always something great playing

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