December 16, 2015


With NYE and some holiday parties coming up I found myself wondering, how does one  look sexy as a grown up... do you lose the sequin dresses? I dunno about all of that I am basically a cat and love sparkly things but for the last year I have been obsessed with all things velvet. I think it is so luxurious and sexy with out trying too hard. Plus the fabric is forgiving , it seems to just slip and slide over any extra lumps and bumps. I found some great plus options for this party season so go against the grain, ditch your itchy sequin dress and slip on some oh so plush velvet. Happy shopping!

Asos Curve

Public Desire Ankle Boots

ASOS Curve
Missguided Sequin & Velvet Dress

December 1, 2015


It's the UK so that means it rains A LOT. I am going to be heading to Dublin and Belfast in 2 weeks and I'm in serious need of a solid pair of wellies. The problem that I run into with all boots is calf width, they are never wide enough. I try and not let myself get frustrated but what I really want to do is yell "my big calves deserve stylish boots too! This is CALF DISCRIMINATION" but I decided to do some research and see what I could find instead. 

Apparently you just have to bite the bullet and fork over the cash, these babies are not cheap. The Huntress, is the option for a wider calve; although the short and the new adjustable series may be viable options for me.  I have small feet and can actually fit a kids 5 but my calves CANNOT (if your calves are 14 inches or less save yourself some coin and grab the kids). 

adjustable short - £90

Huntress - £95

 Allegedly the Joules have a wider shaft which mean they are curvy girl friendly; the price on these are a bit more reasonable too. They too have a tall, short, and ankle option. This brand is more my style. I like color and patterns and sparkle. Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project is my style icon, which basically means I like to wear all of the above TOGETHER!

Printed Wellies - £39.95

Evedon printed Bow Wellies - £79.95

Printed Wellies - £36.95

*just purchased a pair during the black Friday sales from COUNTRY ATTIRE , brb with my thoughts later.