January 20, 2016


After 3 days in Dublin we were on to Belfast, we got on the train and took the 2 hour train ride north to Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Belfast isn't as shiny as Dublin but it has its own charm that is palpable. 

Where we stayed 
Celete and I were supposed to stay at a hostel in Belfast but that place ended up being a no go. It wasn't the cleanest place and kind of sketchy it also was about 26 minutes from city center. There also was a very weird guest staying there at the time of our arrival and homeboy was clearly on drugs and was missing an eye, yes, A WHOLE ENTIRE EYE. The hostel lady in charge was also a bit reminiscent of Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect, very sweet but sloppy. She greeted us with no shoes. The place was giving me a commune type vibe, which is great for some but just not us. After charging phones for about 45 minutes we went to get lunch the moment we exited the place, Celete and I looked at each other and were like yea no. We are out of here. We were able to find a hotel for just €45 a night the Ibis Belfast. Great little hotel and right in the city, the splurge for the comfy and CLEAN rooms was worth it. 

What we did
The highlight of the trip was our day tour to Giants Causeway, words cannot describe how beautiful it was there. We got the most perfect weather on our day trip there. We got to spend about 2 hours out on the coast climbing all over the rocks on the beach. The legend says that the formation was made but an old Viking Giant. That place definitely had a bit of magic there, it was just unbelievably beautiful. 

We also did a black taxi tour of Belfast where we got to learn the history of the city, and find out more about the troubles and Belfast's war conflicted history. Our driver was awesome and give us some serious knowledge on how the civil war started We got to see the famous murals even though many of them have been removed or painted over and then got to see the Peace wall. Our driver had sharpies in hand and Celete and I got to sign in and leave our mark there forever. At the end of the tour our driver dropped us off at Kremlin Goal which is an old jail in Belfast we took that tour and learned so much more about the troubles and the prisoners who occupied the jail in its hay day. 

On our last day there we went to Belfast Castle and again we caught lovely weather, the grounds there were amazing. It isn't a huge estate but still so lovely. If you go try and see how many cats you can find incorporated into the sculpture and landscape. It is supposed to be good luck. 

Where we ate
One thing about Belfast, places close early so keep that in mind. We tried to find food after 8 and many places were no longer serving. That was frustrating after a long day of walking but being in the hotel saved us. I would advise anyone reading this to bring snacks and just stock up in your room just in case. 

Belfast felt smaller to me than Dublin. I loved the history of the place. It's far more rich than I had expected. I didn't click with it as fast as I did Dublin but it grew on me. If you love history and a bit of a slower pace than make sure you get yourself there. You will not regret it. 

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