September 29, 2015


I have been here in Newcastle now for almost a week and I am really starting to like it. So far the jetag has been real but not too much homesickness. Everyone here has been so friendly and a few think it is so cool that I am an American. I got in Thursday morning and was greeted by the school and shuttled to my housing. My trip was super smooth and drama free UNTIL I realized I was sans internet. 

I was without internet for a day and a half and it truly felt like it was a month; I was so lost with out it. Let me tell you, one finds out what they are made of when they have zero WiFi. I think not being able to get a hold of family and friends to let them know I was okay in my dorm stressed me out the most. I met an awesome girl from Palestine, she ended up being a god send. She helped me get my internet together, took me to get a SIM card, and introduced me to some people she had already met. Here is a bit of advice for those of you who may be introverted like me: FIND YOURSELF AN EXTROVERTED FRIEND AND HAVE THEM DO ALL THE WORK. I have met some great people and I did nothing!, thanks to hitching myself to my extrovert's wagon.  We went exploring down on the river Tyne on Sunday and found a great street market.

Here are a couple quick tips that I would give to any one moving to a new place, especially alone. 
1. Research your area before hand. 
I knew how to get to my dorm but I didn't know much about what was around it. Without internet, I had to rely on my sense of direction and a map to find necessities. 

2. Get important phone calls or emails out before leaving the airport. 
I was able to get out a quick email/ status update to let people home know that I had landed and was safe but that was all until I was able to get my internet and phone working a day and a half later. 

3. Get Lost!
That might sound crazy but honestly is the best advice I can give. After I let the anxiety of being disconnected pass, I put my big girl boots on and just started to wander. With no phone to stare into or Google Maps to tell me where to turn, I just got to learn the city a bit more. I already found my little cafe where I know I will be getting my daily weekly cappuccinos (they are just £1and a great park near by for some needed Vitamin D when the sun decides to be out.

Slowly I am getting settled and making my room more comfy. I will do a full post on my accommodation with pictures as soon as I get everything in its place.

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