May 4, 2016


First and foremost I would like to say that vlogging is hard, these YouTubers make it look so easy with their effortless editing and causal convos with the camera. Also drones, have you seen all the drones used? Too cool. Let me tell you people it is not that easy. My struggles came down to confidence, I did not want people to look at me weird while talking to the camera. Also I tend be someone who gets caught up in the moment and I don't always feel the need for a photo. I usually just count on the people that I am with to snap shots and then I steal them later. So I forgot often that maybe this is something I should film.

I tried my hand at vlogging in India and Paris and it was okay but I think the videos I created with the footage that I had turned out pretty good. Shout out to my friend Janae who recommended Filmora to me, it is what she uses to edit her YouTube videos. It is so easy and convenient to use and gives you a professional look. I am going to take what I learned from these experiences and try them on my trip to Rhodes at the end of the month. I want to incorporate more of my natural "snapchat shooting the shit" aesthetic. ALSO, I am taking my first solo trip to Prague in June and plan on filming then as well. I am going to keep working on my technique and messing around in Filmora to get better, so that I can create quality content for these mean media streets. As always thanks for your support as I wade through this new world of media and digital content.

Check out my India vlog below and the Paris one is coming! I swear.

India Vlog from Charisse Furlongue on Vimeo.