September 20, 2016


I never meant to be gone for so long but it turns out that writing a90-pagee document takes a lot of time and that is where I have been for the last few months. I am now back in the US on the job hunt and getting resettled. 

Anyway I wanted to share one of the last trips I got to go on with my awesome groups of friends at the end of July right before my friends started to depart. My group of friends at Newcastle were the best and really we became this little unit of friends. We wanted to take one more trip as a group to celebrate our time together. We decided on the Scotish Highlands for a few days because our friend Deema, being from Palestine could only travel witin the UK. We found the cutest cabin in the process in Aberdeenshire. We rented a mini van and all crammed in and headed up north. We stopped at Alnwick Castle on the way up, parts of Downton Abby and Harry Potter were filmed here and the grounds are beautiful. Little known fact that castle is also the winter residence to some Duke and his family and you cannot take pictures inside because well, it is someone's actually home. The interior was so beautiful but also felt lived in and I thought that was cool. 

We also decided since we were going to be in Abeerdenshire that we should check out Balmoral Castle, which is a vacation home to the British Royal Family. The grounds are absolutely STUNNING the castle itself wasn't as big as I expected but I think that was done on purpose. If it was any bigger it would take away from the beauty of the natural scenery. While there I found out that the staff of the estate actually live on site to all year long to maintain the property, after being there it was clear why. We lucked out with the weather and spent an entire afternoon just exploring the grounds. We also made a stop at this really cool cliff side castle that was built in the 1500s of the coast of Scotland. 

It was nice to cook meals and drink wine and laugh with my girlfriends one more time as a group because who knows if we will ever all be ever together again in one spot. I sure hope so but even if we are not we will always have our time at that little cottage!

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