September 22, 2015


I couldn't leave DC without a party, so two weekends ago I had a big goodbye party at The Brixton on U Street. It wasn't planned that the Brixton is a British themed bar but I will go ahead and call it Karma that we ended up there. 
I brunched with my usual brunch crew, we stopped at one of our regular places for one of our traditions the infamous pickle back shot. If you haven't tried one its Jameson and pickle juice and surprisingly tasty. I drank way too much but laughed way more and was so happy I got to say goodbye to DC that way. 

This last weekend I rounded things out with a couple of great dinners with friends who could not make the party and one last Penn State game at the new DC Alums bar and finally on Sunday I spent the afternoon volunteering at Curefest, a huge 2 day event to raise awareness for childhood cancer. We got to celebrate Avery bug and many other angels like her.

As much as I am over the humidity, redline, the "DC Douches", I really am going to miss my life here. I have great people surrounding me, supporting me and pushing me to do better. I am blessed and better because of them. I doubt I will ever make a more awesome group of friends.

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