July 6, 2016


YALL, JUST YALL! The Formation World Tour was nothing I could have ever imagined. The lights, the costumes, the 8 counts! Everything was perfection. The sheer magnitude of what she was able to produce was epic. I am not going to say too much just in case you haven't seen the show but I have watched my 9 minute long snapstory like 10 times already. 
I have seen Beyonce in concert before so I thought I knew what to expect key word being THOUGHT but once again Madam Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter said "You thought it was". When this tour was announced I knew I was going to go no matter where in the world I was, lucky for me I only had to go 20 minutes up the street to Sunderland where I got myself a Gold Circle ticket for her royal highness. The  experience was interesting, I am glad I did it but I am getting too old to stand for hours. My back, feet, ankles, body was crying by the end. Also, it rained and rained and rained because England is kind of a little bitch right now BUT it almost felt like she looked up at the sky and said "Don't play me" and then the rain stopped.

The thing I love about her shows is the way she makes you feel. I always leave feeling like "Yes, I am a bad bitch too" she just is able to lift you up and the energy in the room is so insanely beautiful. There is nothing like being on the floor and feeling the pulsing beats literally coming through your feet and exploding through your chest; it is unreal. Also I am pretty sure she saw me and smiled right at me so she could sense the American in the room (just let me have it). I honestly don't know how this woman still has haters but to me she is THE hardest working woman in show biz and you have to put some respect on her name for that because she is far above average! 

If you haven't seen her  and you can get the opportunity just go!

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