April 9, 2016


Easter break is almost over and I have so much to update you all on. I just got back from Paris where I met my friend and former City Year coworker for a few days. Paris is everything that people write about and more, I was worried that the people would not be friendly because I have heard a few stories but I found the people to be very pleasant and willing to help. I learned  few small phrases and usually that was enough for them to realize I didn't know French and they would speak to me in English, but I tried.

We stayed in the district of Montparnesse  at Hotel Montparnesse Alesia and our hotel was about a 6 minute walk from the metro. I would definitely stay there again as the staff was super friendly, it was affordable, and the room and beds were super comfortable. We also had a little view of the Eiffel Tour!

Paris, has a magical essence about it, even the buildings know they are elegant and beautiful. I loved all the sites but my favorite part of Paris was just walking the different neighborhoods, they all looked very similar but had slightly different vibes. One of my favorite meals was in the Marais area also known as the Jewish quarter of Paris, we had L'As du Fallafel and boy was it delicious. Some places are just hype but this place was worth the short wait. Little tip there are actually 3 ways in which you can enjoy food from this place, you can sit down and eat in, order your food to take away, or order in but eat standing up at their outside window. Just know that there is a line for each options so just make sure you get in the correct one.

On Tuesday we did the day trip to Versailles and of course it cannot be described in just words. It was just breathe taking and we spent all day there. There were a lot of people there and at times I got a bit overwhelmed but once we got out onto the grounds it was delightful. A lot of the blogs I read said get there early but I feel like everyone read the same blog and it was crazy in the morning but I think if we had come at like noon or 1  OR right at 9 it would have been a bit better as far as the chateau tour.

Honestly, I know it is cliche but I  fell in love with the place, not for any particular reason but just how it made me feel. I cannot wait to go back and see more. This trip was just what I needed to get in a good frame of mind to finish out this semester. I have an entire post coming dedicated to my struggles in my grad school program. 

Some small tips

  • Several things are closed on Monday so make sure you double check what is open and what isn't before you head out. 
  • The city is very walk-able so bring a great pair of shoes to walk in I averaged about 20,000 steps each day. 
  • The metro is super easy to don't be afraid to use it, I recommend buying the 10 pack of tickets because it's cheaper than buying individual ones each time you need one.
  • eat the street food, or small cafe shops. Food can be pricey in Paris so grab a crepe or a bit of bread and cheese and throw it in your bag for the day. 
  • try to speak some french, don't let your lack of know it deter you. You will be fine if you can say hello and thank you. Most people speak English there and can tell. 
  • Expect some rude people, it is a major city and we are on their turf so don't get flustered if someone is rude. Just smile and say thank you and keep it moving. 
  • do not spend money if you do not have to -- meaning checkout what is free and when. A lot of the major museums have hours and days that are completely free, so utilize it. 
I practiced some vlogging for the first time and I am working on editing the videos to put something together for you all so stay tuned for that. 

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