March 5, 2016


Studying in the UK has been pretty great, however the gloomy weather has been a STRUGGLE. I can't lie I need Vitamin D bad and have been on the verge of binge buying Wowcher trips to Malta to get out of the cold. Luckily I will be heading to India in a few short days where the sun awaits. My group of friends here and I are planning for a summer trip to Greece in June right before we have to hunker down to work on our dissertations. A trip to the beautiful beaches of Greece means that it is officially almost swimsuit season and I am in need of a new one. 

Every Summer I go through the pain of finding swimsuits that I am willing to be seen in public in and until recently it is been near impossible. I was the kid that had her period all summer long because I didn't want to be in a bathing suit in front of my skinny friends. I got my period at 10 so literally 18 years of lying to avoid t-shirt in the pool. It made me sad because as a West Indian I love the water. 

Finally, last Summer I decided to embrace my curves and I said eff it, I am going to enjoy the beach and pools and stunt. The plus community has really help to shape my new found body positive views. It is really great to know you have a slew of women out there supporting you feeling great. It also helps that more companies have started to make suits that are actually cute and not just giant blankets of elastic drapery. I purchased a few from Swimsuits for All for my friend's bacherlorette cruise in the Bahamas and I felt so confidant and beautiful in them. I have that lower belly pooch so I tend to go for suits that hide or distract from that area. Here are a few of my favorite sexy one-pieces this season, hopefully I can cop 1 or 2 for Greece. I am going to dedicate another post to all of the "fat-kinis" that I am currently drooling over. 

Torrid - $98.50

Torrid - $78.50

Torrid - $98.50
Swimsuits For All - $63.70

Target - $49.99

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