January 24, 2016


I am in the last week of my winter break and preparing for one more exam and then classes start on the first of Feb. I am also planning for an epic trip to INDIA in March! I just wanted to do a quick post on some things that have been happening this week and half and do kind of a weekend round up.

Getting my 1990's fit on

So I am still not sleeping well, I take melatonin as a last resort but I do not want to become dependent on it. I know exercise is something that is often recommended, I have noticed on my trips after long walking days I sleep like the dead. So I decided to find a water aerobics class, I took my first class on Thursday and slept like a baby through the entire night. I hate working out, and since I am comfortable in my belly rolls and have committed to never losing them I avoid it at all cost. I do love the water though, I'm and island gal , water is in my blood, so being able to work out in the water is the ultimate blessing. The class was a good mix of young and old and a ton of fun. I am going to try and go to all 3 classes a week but at the very least attend 2 of them.


The Oscar drama has been everywhere since the nominations came out and I have my feelings on them. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a statement saying that they are going to take strategic action to increase diversity. A lot of people have a lot of different feelings about that. I feel as though there needs to be movies with roles for people of color to act in that are worthy of accolades. Simple answer diversity has to come in all aspects of the industry. Executives, Producers, Writers, casting directors, agencies and so on. I just finished a huge paper on the subject a few days before the nominations so the topic was fresh on my brain. If you are a person that likes hard numbers check out this study done by UCLA (found here) they have great facts and figures that go pretty deep.What surprised me the most was how little other people of color are represented in Hollywood as well. Is it the most serious thing happening right now, NOPE but it is interesting and representation matters.

Similar to DJ Khaled, I too have my daily thoughts with Snapchat. I have gotten several comments on my snapchat videos, I love snapchat because if it wasn't talking to the imaginary people on it,  I would just be talking to myself. It allows me to get out thoughts through out the day. People seem to like them so I wanted to maybe include them every so often on the blog. This week I caught up on the Bachelor. I watch it for sheer entertainment but this guy Ben seems like a legit nice guy. He is almost too sweet and surprisingly not douchey. Well one thing I always notice on the Bachelor vs. the Bachelorette is the jobs that the women have. They are the most ridiculous made up jobs ever, like even Barbie never had some of these. Currently my favorites have been fit model, chicken enthusiast, and straight up just unemployed. There are twins on the show this season and the show just has "Jenny - Twin" as her occupation. Seriously?! You couldn't put like student or intern on there. They do not seem to do that to the men of the Bacherlorette, they always have legit jobs OR their jobs are not mentioned at all. Why is that? Is it intentional or and oversight? Who is in production at ABC that thinks this is clever, it's not, I see what you are doing! This week's snap story also has me sharing my thoughts on the next Bachelorette being black. Check out the snap story below.

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