November 1, 2015


I meant to post this after attending the ballet but I got sick and was out of the game for a week. Newcastle, like most uni's here have freshers week which is a week full of welcome activities. They had a few graduate only events as well, which as a 30 year old among babies I appreciated.

Celete and Megan were going and invited me along so I said sure! I love the ballet and the tickets were 5 bucks through the school! It ended up being a really interesting ballet company by the name of Les Ballets Trockdero de Monte Carlo. They are made up of all male dancers performing classics like Swan Lake and Don Quixote, with a comedic twist. If I could describe it I would say it was like a "drag ballet comedy".  If you get a chance to check out Les Ballets Trockdero de Monte Carlo in your city do so; they were a lot of fun. Also if ever in Newcastle, please find any show to attend at Theatre Royal because it is absolute a gorgeous building.

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