February 11, 2016


Although, I practice no religion I like the idea of Lent and usually give up something every year. Lately social media, Facebook especially has been driving me to the brink of madness. I have contributed to trash over the last few weeks but I am exhausted by it.  I think it would be good to just set it aside and allow myself reflect and focus on different things.

I wanted to deactivate my account all together but my entire life is connected to Facebook literally, (due to being lazy and signing up for stuff with it instead of typing in my email address) and it is more of a headache to navigate around it. I decided to challenge myself a bit more and commit to just staying off of it for the next 40 days, unless it is for communication reason (messenger to connect with people from home who don't have an iPhone OR people in my program here in Newcastle). The other reason I wanted to push myself is to try new ways to grow my blog with out the crutch of Facebook. Sharing on that platform is easy and this year I wanted to commit to challenging myself in order to grow. 

In general I am someone of weak spirit so I will probably break but I challenge my friends on Facebook that read this blog to help keep me accountable. If you see me liking, sharing, uploading content, PLEASE call me out. I invite you to shame me publicly. Hopefully if all goes well the next time I post anything on Facebook will be to share my trip to India and my excitement for the Adele Concert in Glasgow. Good Luck to all those giving up their vices for Lent. 

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