November 21, 2015


I know when people think of the city of lights they think of Paris, well for a week in November there's another city that gets a magical touch of glittering lights.  Last weekend some friends and I headed out to Durham for the day. The city has this event every year called Lumiere , basically the entire city is filled in lights and installations for a week.  We he had missed the trip with Newcastle University because the tickets quickly sold out so we decided to just hop on a train to Durham for the day and go explore on our own. 

Durham is a beautiful old city and its crown jewel is Durham Cathedral. Some quick trivia for you, it was built between the years of 1093-1133 and its library has three copies of the Magna Carta, yea you read that right (now let it sink in).  I spend a lot of time in my head and I found myself just so fixated on so many details. Even though I am an atheist I understand why people built churches to honor their gods; these buildings are beautiful and you find yourself in a strange sense of peace and calmness within them. It poured for most of the day and into the evening and although I was a bit grumpy due to being damp and blind (glasses + rain = foggy blindness) once the lights turned on my mood became illuminated ;). 

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